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Beautiful Spa bouquet are the perfect way of ensuring a relaxing spa break. Relaxed and enjoyable spa date with sweet smelling candle, delightful bubble bath and more.

Add magic in your everyday wellness routine It's easy to surprise if you present a bouquet of Wellness Magic. Only this unusual edible bouquet can be remembered for a lifetime.


Size of bouquet: 47cm Wide and 51cm Long.


Bouquet includes: bubble bath, herbal tea, candle hazelnut cream “Watson’s”, milk caramel chocolate squares “Chiradelli”, hazelnut chocolate “Lindt”, caramilk “Carbury”, coffee – cream bars “Merci”, dark chocolate “President Choice”, chocolate with candied orange peel “President choice”, white chocolate “Lindt”, white hazelnut “Heidi” Crand’or, dark chocolate: “President Choice”, truffle “Aero”. Decorative spoon “Good Morning beautiful”, Christmas tree ornaments.

"Spa date"

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