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The arrangment  will perfectly decorate the interior, will harmonize and complement the environment, bring good luck, peace and harmony to the house!

The metal bull, according to the Eastern horoscope, is replaced by the black water tiger - the year of the Water Tiger, the year of hopes, dreams and aspirations - as the symbol of the New Year.


In order for all the bad things that 2021 brought to be irrevocably gone, it is necessary to observe certain rituals, simple, but important, so that the Water Tiger brings only the best in the new year.


You may not believe it, but there are a lot of people who very much respect and observe these traditions. I am sure that you have many people who are close to you that follow these traditions.


It was created taking into account the recommendations of an experienced florist and by coming to visit and giving it you show a very reverent attitude towards these people, wish them success and prosperity in the New Year, wish them the brightest, warmest and best!

“Water Tiger’s Lair”

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