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Want to add a tropical twist to your table? Pineapples immediately add playful texture and warm island vibes to your décor. Traditionally a symbol for greeting, friendship and hospitality, offering this sweet, gold- yellow fruit signifies that the enjoyment of your guests. Pineapple details aren't just symbolic—they're also stylish.

We make pineapple the main focus of your table centerpieces by adorning them with fresh flowers, chocolate, marshmallow and diamonds décor.

It’s just such a cute and fun way to display for a party!


Centerpiece include: marshmallow, chocolate, Christmas tree ornaments, decorative diamonds, hydrangea, Israel Ruscus, roses, oeillets


If you order more then 10, we have special rates. Please contact before order.

Table Centerpiece “Pineapple Extravagance”

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