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Who doesn’t love a surprise? We sure do! Now you can send yourself a

unique bouquet and be delighted by what you find inside!

How to design your surprise bouquet and create it according to your taste?

Important: Bouquets  are deliver  FREE  anywhere in the greater Montreal area.

Each bouquet contains an assortment of 10 items + a surprise.


Pick your favorite colors and sweets, flower varieties and let our florist design a unique bouquet that is surprise you.


Step 1:

Please answer few questions and we can create a custom arrangement that’s perfect for you. If you feel uncomfortable to answer some questions, you can skip them.



1) How old are you?


2) Do you have any allergies, and/or are their items that should be avoided?


3) What is your favorite flower and/or color?


4) Do you vegetarian?


5) Do you like spices?


6) Your favorite fruits?


7) Favorite alcohol: (beer, tequila, wine, etc.)


8) Do you like spa?


9) Sweets or sour?


10) Spicy or mild?


11) Coffee or tea?


12) Fun or serious?


13) Variety or quality?


14) Size of bouquet: S, M, L


15) Favorite breakfast and dinner?


16) Favorite Country (city).


17) Is there a theme for the bouquet, or can you let me know a few items is your favorite?


Send your answers and comments to:


The more information I know about you, the better the surprise and WoW effect will be!


Step 2:

When you order, please in the notes section write all details:

- Recipient name, delivery address, desired date/time of delivery, delivery photo.

IMPORTANT : Delivery Photo reaction: We can take a picture of you when you receive a bouquet and send to you after. Please let us know in notes section if you would like delivery photo options.


If you have any questions, ideas or concerns let me know please.



Your Florist Victoria

Bouquet " Mystery"

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