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A special bouquet for young boys to bring a smile to their face.  A wonderful collection of confections topped with their favourite super hero.  Let us know their hero and the bouquet will be built to match.  


Bouquet includes:

M&Ms minis

Lollipop  “Blue raspberry”

Lollipop “Cotton candy”

Double lollies

Mega lolly “Rockets”

Candy “Bonbon”

Dark chocolate “Nestle”

Candy “Bonbon” blue raspberry, airheads 

Flip phone Pop

Nugget bubblegum «Gold Mine »

Push Pop candy Bonbon

Chocolate «Hershey’s» cookies&creme 

Toy PJ mask  in space.



Bouquets may not arrive exactly as shown, items may be substituted depending on availability.


Victoria Paul

Super hero and sweets

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