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Cake & fresh, blooming flower arrangement.


Pre - order 4 days in advance.


Size cake: serves 6.

Size of arrangement: 18cm Wide and 50cm Long.


This Chocolate duet - is the thoughtful gift idea that’s perfect for family, friends, coworkers, or to anyone you care about in your life. 



To the ultimate chocolate lover - rich chocolate cake, filled with a salty caramel .

This out-of-this-world dessert is beautifully decorated with vanilla buttercream and fresh flowers on top.





IMPORTANT! Get cake and flowers exactly like in the pictures.


We are collaborating with our local bakery's.



Product Description:


Chocolate cake, filled with a salty caramel and buttercream. Serves 6

Decorated as in the photos with fresh flowers.



What you can customize:

Cake Flavors:

  • Vanilla with buttercream
  • Chocolate with salted caramel
  • Red velvet



Happy Birthday or Bonne Fete written on top.

Write messages and wishes for the card that we will attach from you.


FREE delivery everywhere in Montreal and suburbs. At work or at home.




Duet “Chocolate compliment”

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