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Gerbera Daisies and Chocolates Gift Set (or herbal tea).


This gift set is a favorite for Spring! A bundle of vibrant Gerber daisies and sweet chocolates (or herbal tea) lets your loved ones know they make your life brighter.


Gerbera daisies are perfect for any occasion, but the most popular for Mother's Day.


Cut Gerberas can last anywhere from 7-14 days. For the longest shelf life, keep the room cool. Be sure to recut the stems before placing them in the water. Like tulips, Gerbera daisies will turn their heads towards the light. To keep the stems straight, keep them away from bright light.


Whether they are for Mother's Day or just because, Gerbera daisies will brighten up any room and bring happiness to all! It's one of the many reasons the Gerbera daisy has become the world's 5th most popular flower!



Free delivery everywhere in Montreal and suburbs. At work or at home.  


Florist and couriers work for you every day. Available Saturday and Sunday delivery !



How to order: 


1.Select your bouquet on our website 

2.Provide order details on item page 

3. Then click "Buy Now"

4.In notes section write all details about Free delivery: address,name, date and time for delivery. Don’t forget to write text what you wish to  her/him received from you , we always attached card along with bouquet. 

5.Review your cart in "Checkout"

6. Provide check out information & You're Done!


IMPORTANT: Place your order please  in advance on our website: and we started getting ready ingredients. As all the bouquets are prepared fresh, this is to give time to purchase of all the necessary ingredients and assemble the bouquet.



Mother's Day Orders in Advance are available for all bouquets!

Bouquet “Pure Appreciation”

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