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For all chocolate and coffee lovers.

It's easy to surprise if you present  a bouquet of sweets and coffee.

Only this unusual edible bouquet can be remembered for a lifetime.

For a chic woman, the most spectacular bouquet of chocolate and coffee. An elegant bouquet of sweets will conquer even the most serious woman in a high position.


Bouquet includes: Coffee arabica “Lavazza”, candle hazelnut cream “Watson’s”, milk caramel chocolate squares “Chiradelli”, hazelnut chocolate “Lindt”, caramilk “Carbury”, coffee – cream bars “Merci”, dark chocolate “President Choice”, chocolate with candied orange peel “President choice”, white chocolate “Lindt”, white hazelnut “Heidi” Crand’or, dark chocolate: “President Choice”, truffle “Aero”. Decorative spoon “Good Morning beautiful”, Christmas tree ornaments.

Bouquet “Passion”

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