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Nothing can brighten my day as a bunch of flowers! So imagine the effect of an edible bouquet! Sweets are such a great way to express your feelings and love…

Can be a Wonderful White Round Bridal Bouquet Featuring Marshmallows and décor.

Such a gift can delight your child and have an unforgettable experience. Also, such a bouquet of girls can be presented to your beloved girl, sister or friend.

Unusual bouquet will lift the mood and create a festive atmosphere. An amazing bouquet for the most loved, talented and who so want to be pampered.


Sweet composition of marshmallows, marshmallow in a bouquet  will be a beautiful birthday present, a family occasion.


If you are far away, but really want to make a surprise, order a bouquet with us, and the courier will hand it at the appointed time to your loved one.


Card with your wishes for free.


In addition, the bouquet is packed in transparent film .


Bouquet: “Marshmallow cloud"

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