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  • Victoria Paul

This is a life hack - how to quickly step over emptiness and pro forma in a relationship!

I would like to highlight one very unusual, but very thoughtful gift bouquet from the series of Smart-bouquets, bouquets that solve many issues and close many tasks.

This is a mulled wine bouquet!

The time of cold weather comes, summer gives way to autumn, then winter. The sky loses its summer haze and again became cold-piercingly blue. The evening comes earlier and becomes noticeably colder.

And this Smart bouquet is just for you! This is a life hack - how to quickly step over emptiness and pro forma in a relationship!

It will allow you to quickly establish closer communication with the opposite sex and win you over!

By giving this bouquet, you show your romantic side and ability to find unique, pleasing, of the gifts that show you are truly thinking of the recipient!

Most importantly: giving a mulled wine bouquet (where there is everything you need to make the drink itself, except for wine: lemon, lime, oranges, coconut, cranberries, walnuts, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, red roses. Then you choose the wine to your taste) You push the person to a reciprocal step: joint preparation of this sacred drink!

Of course, no one will do this in a restaurant, so the person who has received the gift will have to cook it either at home or in nature!

Most people will say they do not know the recipe, and will look for it later on the internet, but not to worry we have included detailed instruction for preparation with the bouquet, to not slow down your romantic evening.

In the house, you will have everything you need but if you want to take this bouquet into nature, then make sure you have with you:

- wine of course!

- a saucepan or a clean pot

- two cups, preferably metal (warm mulled wine by the fire)

- metal spoons

- firewood or a burner (in case of wet weather)

- a large warm blanket (for joint gatherings together under one blanket)

- matches or a lighter (such a trifle can ruin the whole evening)

- your mulled wine bouquet by FloristVP

Now you are convinced how thoughtful is this Smart bouquet?

Order and be unique and more original than the other 99%.

Any ideas what else to take with you for the bouquet? Share in the comments!

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