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  • Victoria Paul

The 21st century. An age of technology, progress, globalization and ... stress.

Yes, stress is everywhere: at home, at work, in the store. Everywhere there are situations that make you nervous.

We are afraid of what people were not afraid of before. Driving, flying, technology, credit, mortgage approvals, social media, bills that never end. We are afraid that we will be let go from work for some trifle or an extra word. We are afraid to be rejected.

It is impossible to avoid stress, it is a part of our modern life, it is a reality, unfortunately. You can, of course, go to live far into the forest, away from cars and credit cards, but there will be another stress: cold, wild animals and the harsh elements.

Well, if you can't run away, then you can fight! Fortunately, civilization, together with the problems, gave us their partial solution. Tranquilizers for example. But I'm afraid this is not an option, because I don't want to walk like a zombie without emotion, I think you do too.

Yoga, meditation and more. Not bad, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to connect with space, with three children wanting to eat at home, and you are a builder. There are drugs and alcohol, but that just becomes more of a problem then a reassurance.

What to use for relaxation? Believe it or not, let's remember our good old friend - lavender. Yes, it sounds funny, but it really works!

Lavender is our very old friend and savior. Since ancient times, people have used lavender as an antiseptic, treating burns, lowering blood pressure, and lavender heals burns perfectly. Most importantly, lavender soothes! Yes, lavender has a sedative effect on the central nervous system, inducing peace and tranquility without reducing concentration and attention! You just calm down by sniffing lavender - great, isn't it?

Therefore, a SPA bouquet with lavender products will be a unique, original and practical gift in our time!

It includes:

- lavender bubble bath

- lavender bath bomb

- lavender linen water

- lavender lip balm

- lavender eye pillow

- wooden spoon

- bouquet of dry lavender

- Sparkling lavender & apple drink

- French Macarons mix of 6

This natural high-class product is based on lavender.

The bouquet itself exudes a real lavender scent, just a full bouquet of flowers! But at the same time, a bouquet in several ways helps a person to calm down both after a hard day and on the eve of a stressful situation!

By giving such a bouquet, you show how valuable this person is to you, since you care about his mental health (about their nervous system and about their feelings and experiences)

This is given only to people who are close and very important to you!

Undoubtedly, the person who received such a gift will be slightly surprised, but his surprise will be replaced by peace and bliss, only he will inhale the aroma of the bouquet and apply at least one of its ingredients!

All the ingredients of this miracle of relaxation bouquet are carefully collected on the lavender farm which is near Quebec and are made with soul and love by the professionals of this business!

Give a close and very important person to you care, peace and tranquility!

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