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  • Victoria Paul

Remember what delicious, sweet, nutty cakes were like as a child?

We always think it used to be better... Psychologists say that this is an illusion of perception, but how to distinguish an illusion from reality, from your sensations?

Remember what delicious, sweet, nutty cakes were like as a child? It seemed that one piece of cake weighed a pound or three, no less. One piece lifted you up to heaven and you were the happiest child in the world!

What now?! Now not cakes, but decorations made of foam and shaving cream: they even thought of taking away sugar. Sugar!

A cake the size of a truck wheel weighs less than a sheet of Styrofoam... Yes, one disappointment...

What if I tell you that there are still places in Montreal where cakes are made, real ones! That there are people, real people, that give other real people real cakes! Yes, where a piece weighs like three pounds just like when you were a child!

And they give not just a cake, but a cake with a beautiful flower, a living flower of Iris!

Not a bouquet of dead flowers, which have a couple of days to live, no! An Iris is a symbol of wisdom, trust, fearlessness and faith. According to Feng Shui, Irises are associated with eternal youth. They harmonize the space in the house, help in achieving high goals, promote concentration and concentration.

This beautiful and wise flower for a very long time will remind a person of the very cake, a piece of which weighs 3 pounds, as in childhood!

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