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  • Victoria Paul

It seems to me that knitted things have a piece of the soul of the one who made them

All psychologists say: everything comes from childhood. But not only negativity, fears and problems - also the truth!

Many wonderful, tender memories are brought to us by this time - the time of happiness - childhood!

Remember how we climbed on my grandmother's lap and prevented her from knitting, she was angry, or rather pretended to be angry. How cozy and warm that sweater was that she knitted for you. Remember? In our youth, we did not appreciate it so much, knitted things seemed ridiculous and ridiculous to us, but only with age did we begin to understand that it is not so important how these things were made, but also who made them.

It seems to me that knitted things have a piece of the soul of the one who made them, they are so cozy, homely, soothing.

If you have a someone who loves knitting in your family, this bouquet will be the best way to show your feelings and touch the recipient.

If you give this bouquet to your grandmother, she will knit a little something for you and it will be more precious to you than gold, because it is connected with the soul and love of your beloved grandmother.

You know, I would give a lot to get another warm scarf from my beloved grandmother.

Of course, we live in the 21st century and knitting has already become a fashionable hobby among successful women and men.

Both husband and grandfather can knit and this is normal and even very cute!

This bouquet is also good because it can be stored for a long time until it is presented, because there are no fresh flowers in it, but if you would like to present it decorate with flowers of course we will do it!

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