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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I know before ordering a bouquet?

  1. Fruits, vegetables, and unwrapped food must be washed before consuming.

  2. Edible ingredients in a BOUQUET should be eaten within 2 days of delivery.

  3. May contain or have come into contact with nuts.  Please check ingredients to ensure you have no allergies before consuming.

  4. Flowers and garnishes are not meant for consumption.

  5. Small and sharp parts not for the children under 3 years old or any individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths. 

  6. Detailed instructions are attached to the bouquets so you don’t forget anything.



Q. Where should I store my bouquet?

A. When not on display bouquets should be store in a cool dry area.  If storing in a refrigerator remove from packaging first.


Q. How long can the fruit bouquet be stored for before presenting?

A. Because it is punctured it is should only be stored for no more than 2 days.  Protect all bouquets from moisture and direct sunlight. 


Q. How long can the marshmallow bouquets be stored for?

A. The marshmallow bouquets will last longer in storage, up to 2 weeks but remember they can dry out and crumble to it recommended not to store for more then 2-3 days. Protect all bouquets from moisture and direct sunlight. 




Q. How many days in advance should I place my order?

A. To ensure that your order will arrive on time be sure to order 2-3 days in advance.  As all the bouquets are prepared fresh, this is to give time to purchase of all the necessary ingredients and assemble the bouquet.


Q. Can the composition of the bouquet be changed?

A. Yes. All changes in the composition of the bouquet are discussed when placing an order.


Q. Do you wrap bouquets for transport and delivery?

A. Yes, are wrapped in a non-toxic transparent wrap for transport and delivery.  This transparent wrap is not shown in the pictures on the website, because it results in glare and takes poor quality photo.


Q. Can I put a card / note in a bouquet?

A. Yes. The cost of a card is free of charge. Just when placing an order, write notes what you need to write in the card.

Q. Is the information I provide during the checkout process kept private?
A. YES! All information is held in strictest confidence. We do not trade, rent or sell this information to outside companies. We only use this information to confirm your delivery status, as well as notifying you about special offers.


Q. Is it safe to purchase over the net with my computer?
A. YES, it is safe. That’s why we encourage you place order through our website.  All data in transfer is protected via SSL and we use Stripe as our payment processor.


Q. Is tax included in the price of the arrangement?
A. Tax is additional.


Q. How to place an order?
1. Visit our website:
2. Add bouquet(s) to cart
3. Click on your cart.
4. In notes section write all details for delivery: address, name, date and time for delivery. Don’t forget to include a quick note that you would like included in the card!
5. Review your cart and click Checkout
6. Provide check out information & You're Done!

IMPORTANT: Place your order please in advance on our website: and we will start getting ingredients ready. As all the bouquets are prepared fresh, this is to give us time to purchase of all the necessary ingredients and assemble the bouquet.


Q. How do I know if my order went through?
A. Did you get an order confirmation email? If you did not, then your order did not go through. Wait a few minutes for an e-mail confirmation to make sure, then re-enter your order. If you are having difficulty, send us an email:


Q. Will the bouquet look exactly as pictured online?
A. Substitutions within a bouquet may be made with items of greater or equal value if necessary to guarantee freshness and timely delivery. We always keep the same look/feel of the arrangement selected.


Q. Can I see bouquet prior you deliver?
A. Yes, we will send you photo of your bouquet and notification of your order on the way. You will see exactly what bouquet you sending.



Q. Do you have delivery?
A. Yes, free delivery in the Greater Montreal Area and free delivery by Santa Claus during weekends in December.


Q. Do I need to pay for Santa Claus delivery?
A. No, Santa Claus delivers for free on weekends in December (outside of Christmas weekend when Santa is already very busy)


Q. What days Santa Claus Deliver this year?
A. Every Saturday and Sunday of December Santa deliver bouquets for you and your family. Free delivery Great Montreal:

Saturday the 17th, and Sundays December 11th,18th.

Delivery time 8am-9pm.

Q. Can I take pictures with Santa and invite him inside?
A. Santa cannot come inside of your house or apartment, but you can take a picture with him.Santa speaks English and French.

Q. Can you deliver from Secret Santa?
A. Yes. If you wish to remain incognito, we will deliver the gift anonymously.


Q. Can I schedule time for delivery?
A. Yes, we deliver the bouquet at the specified time interval you wish, please


Q. Do you do same day delivery?
A. No. As all the bouquets are hand made with fresh ingredients, we require 3 days’ notice to prepare, assemble and deliver bouquets.


Q. Do you have Curbside pick-up?
A. Yes.


Q. Where I need to write all details about Free delivery: Address, Name, Date, Time?
A. When you place your order, you will see Notes Section -please write all details you wish. If you have questions about delivery or your order, please email us:


Please provide us with instructions at point of sale of what to do if no one is available to receive your bouquet.

1) leave with a neighbor,

2) leave in a designated area.

3)Leave phone number of recipients. In some cases, the florist may contact the recipient to ensure s/he will be home to accept the delivery.

4) Request to Leave Item at Door -We highly discourage special instructions requesting delivery to a doorstep, porch, yard or any location where the recipient cannot accept the arrangement themselves. Florist   cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty product due to this special request

5) Call the recipient (leave phone number of recipient)

Q Do you deliver on Saturday and Sunday?
A. Yes, we deliver on Saturday and Sunday 8am till 9pm.

Q.  Can you deliver on holidays day exactly?
We do deliver: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day and St. Jean Baptiste Day.

Q. Can I request a specific time for the delivery of my bouquet?
A. We are unable to guarantee delivery at a specific time, but please request a time frame in the special instruction box when ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q. At what times do you deliver?
A.  Normal delivery times are 8am-9 pm daily.

Q. What happens to my order when you attempt delivery and the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient is not at their home when a delivery is attempted, we will leave the order outside the door/somewhere safe. The driver will phone the recipient to let them know a delivery has been left for them (this is why it is important to provide a recipient phone number).
If you have special instructions where to leave a delivery, please let us know.  We will take a picture of the delivery and send to you.

When you place order, please provide time frame for delivery.
Please note, our couriers do not call prior to delivery. Please ensure the recipient is home to receive items.

Q. What if I am not sure recipient will be at home?
A. In this case we can contact recipient - we call to arrange for delivery. In some cases, the florist may contact the recipient to ensure s/he will be home to accept the delivery that’s why is important to provide a recipient phone number


Q. Wrong Address?
A. Please check your delivery information carefully at time of order.
If an incorrect address was provided by the customer, we are not liable and no refund will be given.

Q. How will I know if my gift/order has been successfully delivered?
A. A Deliveries will be made on the date you request. Once delivery is completed you will receive a delivery confirmation to your email or text message.


Q. What happens if my delivery is refused by the recipient?
A. If your delivery is refused the item is available to you to pick up, curbside. No refund given.

Q. How I can get special discount for my next order?
A. We offer $10 gift card for your review in our social media. Please leave your feedback on any of this social platform and i
n return you will be sent a promo code for $10 off your next order.  Thank you 

It will only take a minute, but it will make a huge difference to our business. 





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